We were not happy and we decided to fix it.

As a modern day professional, a laptop bag is something that you carry every day. But unfortunately there are not many good options available in the market. Some don't have enough pockets or even space for your gadgets. Most of them don't even look good. A few good ones are extremely over-priced and the simpler ones are just not up to the mark.

There was just no ideal option. So we decided to create it.

We researched. We met with people. We learned about production processes. We questioned. We asked how things could be done differently.

It takes a lot to do one thing just right. We hope you check it out.








House of brands Laptop bags 2021

Geometric Design Sling Bag

Buy at ₹ 2490

Product Code: BB3

Aesthetically built with functional simplicity, this sling bag is spacious and provides ultimate carry comfort through your work life.

Briefcase Design Laptop Bag

Buy at ₹ 5990

Product Code: BB2

Reimagined to suit our changing habits during a business commute. Crafted with impact-proof material and styled with tear resistant fabric, it is designed to protect your valuables. Enhanced aesthetics, added resilience and organised interiors this your ideal companion at work.

house of brands laptop bags
house of brands laptop bags 2021

Classic Design Laptop Bag

Buy at ₹ 4990

Product Code: BB1

This is designed to be a socially elegant backpack. With attention given to details such as on-the-go charging facility and splash-proof materials, this backpack helps you commute and navigate better through changing times. It’s built is resilient and the interiors are structured for better organisation.


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